Book Coming Soon

WCM Firm is proud to announce that Bonika Wilson, President and CEO has a new book set to release in 2021!

The Business of Marriage: How to Apply Successful Business Practices to Have a Healthy and Happy Marriage

Are you ready to transform your relationship and take it to a higher, more exciting level? Are you ready to be intentional about winning in marriage and in life? As of June 2020, we are offering our successful strategic planning techniques to couples! We are doing marriage retreats and conferences. After 24 years of working with business owners and 20 years of marriage, Bonika Wilson, has created the blueprint that will save marriages. Successful businesses have a Business Plan… Successful teams have a Game Plan… Successful buildings have a Floor Plan. What do successful marriages have? You guessed it! A Marriage Plan, a strategy and a plan to win in your marriage! We can’t wait to share the 2021 release date. Check back often for more details.

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